Open Genome Resource
for comparative analyses of prokaryotic genomes

Welcome to OGeR

OGeR is an open source system for the storage, visualization and analysis of prokaryotic genome data. It provides a local or distributed data management solution for small and medium-sized sequencing projects.

OGeR was developed for the comparative analysis of several related bacterial genomes. It displays homologous proteins and compares adjacent intergenic regions. Homologous regions are displayed either as a map or as multiple alignments.

You can explore the functionalities of OGeR by browsing Strepto-DB, the database for comparative genome analyses of group A and group B streptococci.

You can download and run OGeR on your local linux operating system. OGeR imports the genomes of your choice in EMBL or GenBank format. The system stores genome sequences, gene/protein annotation and additional data in a relational database. You can query the database via webinterface. The system is implemented as a PostgreSQL database with an Apache/PHP frontend.

Download OGeR 32bit (v10.07) or OGeR 64bit (v10.07) and follow the installation instructions.

Please cite OGeR and results obtained by the use of this system as:
Klein J, Münch R, Biegler I, Haddad I, Retter I and Jahn D.
Strepto-DB, a database for comparative genomics of group A (GAS) and B (GBS) streptococci, implemented with the novel database platform 'Open Genome Resource' (OGeR).
Nucleic Acids Res. 37, 494-8.
PubMed link